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Jewish Family Services

Passover Celebration at Autumn Glen

Volunteers Ruth Glicksman, Rabbi Raphael Kanter, Cindy Yoken Myra Goldberg, and Joan Farrow helped make Passover at Autumn Glen enjoyable for the residents.

Rabbi Kanter came and spoke about the meaning of the holiday and all its traditions with the residents of Autumn Glen.

Pizza Matzo were made and enjoyed by all.

Federation Brings Joy of Sukkot to Autumn Glen
From the Fall 2012 Jewish Messenger.>

When Gale Williams, activities director at Autumn Glen Assisted Living invited the Jewish Family Services Committee to make a Sukkot party for Autumn Glen residents, Ruth Glicksman decided that it was time to expand the range of activities and enlisted the help of The PJ Library coordinator Robin Kaufman, an experienced Jewish educator.

In the past several years, under the leadership of Ruth Glicksman, JFS has brought Jewish holiday celebrations to Autumn Glen twice a year, on Hanukkah and Purim. “The last time we had a Sukkot party was in 2009 and we were thrilled that Autumn Glen invited us to do it again,” said Ruth Glicksman, “over the years, we have developed a loyal following among Jewish as well as non-Jewish residents.” On October 4, Ruth Glicksman, Kayla Joblon, Robin Kaufman, and Olga Yorish arrived at Autumn Glen laden with graham crackers, pretzel sticks, marshmallow fluff, and other supplies for a creative project. The party started with Rabbi Raphael Kanter making Federation Brings Joy of Sukkot to Autumn Glen L'Hitraot, Friends By Alice Nussbaum a show-and-tell presentation on the meaning and traditions of Sukkot and demonstrating the Lulav and Etrog. He then passed the Etrog around the room to let the residents experience the touch and smell of the fragrant yellow citron. Then it was time for the activity.

Under the guidance of Robin Kaufman, and assisted by volunteers, the residents built small edible sukkahs (huts) out of graham crackers, pretzel sticks, and marshmallow crème, and decorated them with assorted fruit candy. There were a lot of laughs and smiles, some munching on pretzel sticks and candy, but all participants exhibited great restraint and didn’t consume their creations.

Everybody had a great time. “We look forward to seeing you on Hanukah,” said one of the residents, and we assured him that we’ll be there. A Hanukah party at Autumn Glen is scheduled for Wednesday December 12th.

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Hot kosher meals are delivered five days a week to home-bound Jewish elderly in New Bedford and surrounding towns by Coastline Elderly Services.

For questions or to sign up for this program 508-997-7471 or email at  We guarantee full confidentiality.

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Federation—Coastline Collaboration to Benefit the Jewish Elderly and Disabled

Beginning in January 2013, the Jewish Federation has partnered with Coastline Elderly Services, Inc. (CESI) to provide outreach to the Jewish elderly and disabled persons living throughout the city of New Bedford and its surrounding towns.

The new program is a brain child of the Jewish Family Services and its chair Ruth Glicksman who have been concerned about the well-being of the homebound elderly and disabled members of the Jewish community. Coastline Elderly was a logical address to bring these concerns to as it possesses valuable knowledge of programs and services that allow individuals to continue living independently in their own homes. With the help of a grant from the Jewish Federation, CESI has hired and trained an outreach worker, Ana Giovannini, known at Coastline as Ana G, who will be exclusively responsible for providing proactive outreach in the Jewish community.

Unlike in the traditional health services model where individuals seek out programs and services, the community health worker model sends individuals out into the community to actively provide individuals with outreach and education and effectively bring services and programs to them. According to Ruth Glicksman, “Ana G will be our eyes and ears in the community. She will act as a liaison between the Jewish Federation, Coastline Elderly Services, hospitals and nursing homes, the Rabbis, family members, and the elderly and disabled persons, to ensure the continuity of services and access to all available programs and resources in the community. It is our hope that together, the Jewish Federation and CESI will be able to bring essential services to individuals to help them continue living independently in their homes.” “We are very excited about this new partnership,” said Paula Shiner, the CEO of Coastline Elderly Services, Inc., “We think that it may become a successful model of other community-based outreach programs.”

If you or anybody you know may benefit from this program, please call Ana Giovannini at Coastline Elderly Services at 508-999-6400 or the Jewish Federation at 508-997-7471. As always, we guarantee complete confidentiality.

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Seniors: Do You Need Assistance with
Transportation to Doctors' and Other Appointments?

Federation is here to help. In cooperation with Coastline Elderly Services, we will help you gain access to local agencies that provide transportation assistance to the seniors. Coastline Elderly Services, Inc. coordinates a network of transportation options and will assist you in meeting your transportation needs.

Please call us at 508-997-7471 if you need assistance with transportation to doctors' and other appointments.

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Passover Relief Drive

Every year, the Jewish Federation, in cooperation with local rabbis, Rabbi Barry Hartman and Rabbi Raphael Kanter of Tifereth Israel Congregation, coordinates an annual Passover Relief Drive.  Funds are collected in order to buy special Passover food for the needy families in the Jewish community. 

For centuries, Jewish communities around the world have collected Maot Chittim ("Wheat Money"), so that those of limited means may celebrate a joyous and kosher Passover.  The giving of Maot Chittim, which enables families in need to purchase wine, matzah, and the other Pesach necessities, is a basic mitzvah every Jew is obligated to fulfill.

This year, we provided Passover food packages to 22 families (the total of 37 individuals).

If you have any questions, or would like to make a donation to Passover Relief Fund, please call Michelle Poirier at 508-997-7471 or email her at

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Blood Drive

The Jewish Federation has a long-standing tradition of cooperating with St. Luke's Hospital in organizing annual blood drives as well as encouraging its members to donate blood throughout the year.  This year, the Drive was held on Sunday May 20, 2011 and was chaired by David Novick who was successful in recruiting 30 members of the Jewish community to donate blood.  This effort enables us to guarantee free supply of blood for all Federation members and their families.

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Amir Cohen
Executive Director

Michelle Poirier


(508) 997-7471