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The terrific response from
our community to our
Israel Emergency
Campaign is hardly a
surprise. We are always
at our best in times of
great need and there
has never been a greater
need. To those among
you who already made
donations –Thank You!
This campaign is the most
important one in our life

October 7th has forever
changed us, but our
generosity remains the
same. Make a donation
here on this site or mail
back the envelope you
received shortly after the
war began. 100% of your
contribution goes to
Israel’s Trauma Coalition,
Magen David Adom,
Soroka and Barzilai
Medical Centers.

Israel Needs You – Please
Donate Generously.
Thank You and Am Israel

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June 20, 2024

257 Days - 120 Hostages
Bring Them Home

Four Rescued - And the Rest?

On Saturday we woke up to some good news. Four hostages were rescued from two locations in Gaza after weeks of careful planning. Tragically, a special forces officer was killed in the rescue. The hostages were held in apartment buildings where civilian families live, confirming what we all know about the complicity of a majority of Gazans in this war.

The Wall Street Journal reported the hostages suffered physical abuse for eight months. "According to the Journal, Almog Meir Jan, Shlomi Ziv, and Andrey Kozlov were held in a single dark room for six months and had no contact with the outside world except for their interactions with their captors. Punishments for failure to comply with their captors’ strict orders included being locked in the bathroom and being buried under blankets in the intense heat, the Journal said. The guards also abused the hostages psychologically, repeatedly threatening to kill them and telling them nobody would come for them or even cared about them." More from The Times of Israel in "Hostages' ordeal 'beyond anything you can imagine'"

[ Read more in the Bulletin. >>> ]

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Alan Dershowitz Program 5-23-24

All About the Hostages: May 22 Program with Jessica Steinberg


Be The Support Israel Needs

Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker Ana Sazonov Answers Your Questions About Ukraine

On June 16, 2022, at our annual meeting, we hosted Ana Sazonov, executive director at the Jewish Federation of Columbia, SC. Ana recently returned from two weeks of volunteer work at the Ukraine border with Poland and shared her experience with us. We had many questions after and she answered all of them.


Greetings From Our Friends - Sent For Our Annual Meeting

Annual meeting greetings from New Bedford friend Ed Asner

Annual meeting greetings from Israeli
journalist and New Bedford friend
Tal Schneider
Annual meeting greetings from
New Bedford friend David Broza

Annual meeting greetings from
New Bedford friend Nancy Spielberg

Annual meeting greetings from our
Partnership team in Afula Israel

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