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Subject:                          The Bulletin -- A Community Update for September 24, 2015

The Bulletin - A Community Update for September 24, 2015

Holidays and Motorcades

I was probably not the only Jew who spent part of Yom Kippur watching and listening to the pope. From the vehicle of choice (a Fiat Cinquecento) to his words about climate change and Cuba, Pope Francis continues to demonstrate that he is like no pope before. Emma Green has this to say about his visit to our shores on this day.

Another writer explores her concept of atonement in this Jewish Journal article. “When words are hollow, they nevertheless contain a space of potential at their center,” she writes while considering the sometimes absent emotion behind the motions of apology. 


And on the light side of Yom Kippur, there is this irreverent Forward piece written by (ahem) the pontiff himself.




Sukkot, the Season of Our Rejoicing


Sukkot, for me, is always an opportunity to think about those who are homeless as we remember the living conditions of the Israelites while en route from Egypt to the promised land. Let us hope that those who are less fortunate do have promise in the future. The Federation is after all a philanthropic organization and many of the causes we fund are about those who need such a promise. Let’s not forget that today and every day.

The lessons and symbolism of the sukkah and the four species are worth revisiting. Follow this link.

David Gregory: Meet the Man


We take a special interest in spiritual journeys at this time of year. In this lengthy exchange between old friends David Gregory and Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic, David and Jeffrey talk spirituality while avoiding the topic of how David lost his job at Meet the Press.

Interested in hearing more from David Gregory? Check out his new book How’s Your Faith? An Unlikely Spiritual Journey.

School Is Open and Scholarships Are Awarded

The Federation is happy to support the hard work of our students as they pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees. This year $7,000 was distributed among eight students. This is just one way your gifts make a difference in our community. Thank you.

Wedding Day Up in the Air

Many consider Bar Refaeli to be Israel’s most beautiful face. The supermodel and former flame of actor Leonardo Di Caprio is getting married today in Israel to billionaire businessman Adi Ezra. Celebrity weddings are often filled with drama and the Bar Refaeli wedding is no exception. The Civil Aviation Authority originally said the skies above the event would be closed. The transportation minister said the skies would be open – or else. 

Mazel tov, Bar and Adi!

Shabbat Shalom, Chag Sameach,


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