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Subject:                          The Bulletin - A Community Update for September 12, 2014

The Bulletin - A Community Update for September 12, 2014

Stop the Sirens – Israel Emergency Campaign

With 33 donations (so far) and more than $8,000 raised, our community has done well in support of the Israel emergency fund. 

This campaign will continue through September 20, just before the Jewish High Holidays.  After the holidays, we will launch the 2014-15 annual campaign with the Pacesetters event on October 28.

Thank you for your generosity.

September 11 – Never Forget

On September 11, 2001, I was in Washington, D.C. with a group of Israeli Knesset members who were visiting the United States to learn about our Constitution.  We had just finished a private tour of the White House when we learned about what was taking place in New York.  At that point we were scheduled to continue on as planned to a meeting at the Supreme Court with Justices Bader-Ginsburg and Scalia.  We were a little early and stopped at the Lincoln Memorial.  Walking up the steps, looking over the trees and the Potomac, we saw American Airlines Flight 77 crash into the Pentagon.  While news coverage has focused on New York in the years since, I keep going back to that day and to the image of black smoke above the trees a mile away across the Potomac River. 

This week last year, I made it even more personal and participated in a triathlon that began at the Lincoln Memorial with a swim in the Potomac, followed by a bike ride to and around the Pentagon, ending with a run just in front of the Holocaust Museum.  On my race bib #1122, I wrote Asia-179.  One of the 179 victims that day in D.C., Asia Cottom was an 11-year old girl on her way to California for a National Geographic Society program.  She excelled at her school and the trip was her reward.

Dedicating my race to her memory, I was able to make the events of September 11 even more personal.  It was also a story I told my younger son, born in 2002 as we talked about things we never should forget.

As we prepare for the Jewish New Year and spend time reflecting, taking inventory of events and memories, let us remember Asia and all who lost their lives on that day and the many who risked their lives to save and protect others.

Author!  Author!

Janet L. Freedman’s book Reclaiming the Feminist Vision: Consciousness-Raising and Small Group Practice was recently published by McFarland & Co.  One chapter, “Spirited Women," documents how small groups influenced the large changes that expanded women's participation and leadership in the Conservative, Reform and eventually the Orthodox movements and refers to the Rosh Chodesh group that met for many years in the greater New Bedford/Fall River area. The book is available in electronic and print formats from the publisher or online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  See Janet’s website for more information.

Shabbat Shalom,


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