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The Bulletin - A Community Update for August 22, 2014

Relative Calm but a War Nonetheless


For much of the past two weeks, the conflict in Gaza was at a relative calm by the regionís tough standards.  Several ceasefire agreements were made.  Hamas fired only a few rockets here and there.  There were opportunities for civilians in Gaza to receive medical assistance and children in much of Israel were able to play outside for longer stretches of time without rushing to shelters.  Soldiers were given some time off and no casualties were reported for more than a week. 

On Tuesday, before the ceasefire ended and while negotiations for a more permanent ceasefire were ongoing in Cairo, the rocket attack intensified.  On Wednesday, Israel responded by targeting the head of the military arm of Hamas, Muhammad Dief, at his home.  Dief has been targeted in the past, and is handicapped as a result of one attempt, but remains the architect and chief strategist of the organizationís terrorist agenda and planning.  As I write this Bulletin, it remains unclear if he escaped yet another attempt on his life or if he was in fact killed together with his wife and daughter.


What We Can and Should Do

The war has been raging since July 7.  Nearly 4,000 rocket attacks at all hours of the day and night have traumatized and impacted Israelis, many of whom are in need of relief and assistance. Children living in the line of fire, elderly and other vulnerable citizens who need medical care, and thousands of others including exhausted first responders who are seeking psychological assistance for trauma will benefit from your support.  It is our obligation to help them.  In the coming days you will receive a letter asking for your contribution to the Jewish Federationís emergency Stop the Sirens campaign.  If you donít want to wait for the  letter to make your gift, please go to the Federationís website ( and make your contribution online at the top of the page where the Stop the Sirens banner is featured.


Mazel Tov


Maria LaTour, Holocaust Committee co-chair, wed Bob Reed on Saturday, August 16, in Dartmouth.  Cindy Yoken, co-chair, attended and shared this photo of the happy couple.


Shabbat Shalom,


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