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Subject:                          The Bulletin - A Community Update for October 3, 2014

The Bulletin - A Community Update for October 3, 2014

Rolling in the Deep


The queen of soul performed a cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" from her new album, "Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics," on the Late Show With David Letterman on Monday.  You could see and hear (and hope for) what Aretha was trying to do, but with a far less acrobatic voice than she had in her prime, she failed to launch.  If only she had picked "Set Fire to the Rain," a much better song, and more importantly, one less demanding of her 72-year-old voice.  Later (perhaps she just needed to warm up) no mountain was high enough as the queen tore the roof off the same Ed Sullivan Theater where she was sent away without performing as a teenager– Hey Nineteen, that’s ‘Retha Franklin! 

Earlier that same day at the UN General Assembly, Bibi Netanyahu also picked the wrong song.

In an unusual situation for an Israeli, Bibi was set up by President Obama with a "grapefruit over the middle.”  All he had to do was swing.  But he didn't. 

Only days before on the same stage, Obama called for the "world to join in this effort" against the "network of death" and specifically said that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is NOT the main problem.  And that is where Bibi picked “Rolling in the Deep.”  He picked a silly fight with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas over a book Abbas wrote in 1983, but – more importantly – Netanyahu went back to his rehearsed Iran and militant Islam piece.

Iran is no doubt the greatest danger, but the world wants to fight ISIS now.  The American president (I realize you guys are not very close, Bibi) got dozens of countries including Qatar (yes, Qatar, the guys funding Hamas) to help Europe and the US against ISIS!!!  Why not board that train?

Instead of rolling in the deep, you could have set fire to the rain, Bibi.  You could have had those who always tune you out before you even start talking listen to you and see you join them. 

I suspect that by the time Netanyahu spoke about the Arab Peace Initiative language of Arab-states-first, Israeli-Palestinian-next, not many were paying attention.  As he skillfully tore apart the claim by Abbas of "genocide against the Palestinians" by asking, "Does genocide include warning the enemy’s civilian population to get out of harm’s way?  Or ensuring that they receive tons of humanitarian aid each day, even as thousands of rockets are being fired at us?  Or setting up a field hospital to provide aid for their wounded?" I hoped his audience was more than a select few (like me) who waited for classic Bibi just like I waited for classic Aretha.  Respect.

Listen to the UN General Assembly 2014 speeches here. 

G'mar Chatima Tova to the Prime Minister and especially to the members of our community and readers of this Bulletin.  Easy fast to us all with hopes for forgiveness on past decisions as we prepare to make better ones in the coming year.

Shabbat Shalom & G’mar Chatima Tova to you and yours,


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