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Subject:                          The Bulletin - A Community Update for January 23, 2015

The Bulletin - A Community Update for January 23, 2015


Terror in Tel Aviv


Pictured on the right are three prison guards, coincidentally in the area, who responded and neutralized the assailant.

Twelve Israelis were wounded, four of them seriously, in a stabbing terror attack on a Tel Aviv bus on Wednesday morning.  The assailant, a 22-year-old male from Tulkarm who entered Israel illegally, was shot in the leg by security forces and later arrested.

Israel has been struggling recently to prevent attacks carried out by individuals rather than orchestrated by organizations.



Campaign Mailing

A second appeal was mailed this week for Campaign 2015 to those who have not yet pledged or made a gift.  Thank you to the 165 individuals and families who have already donated (or pledged) generously!  Your support enriches Jewish living. 

An excerpt from the letter:  “The good news is that by making a gift now to the Jewish Federation of Greater New Bedford, you can help change what is wrong in the world and support what is right in our community.”




House Speaker vs. the White House

ONE day after the State of the Union, House Speaker John Boehner has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress next month on the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution without consulting with the White House first.  Netanyahu accepted. 

While the official position and pre-visit language is "to address Congress on the grave threats radical Islam and Iran pose to our security and way of life," this is clearly politics being politics.

Back in 2007, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with President Bashar al-Assad of Syria despite the Bush administration's objections.  Now, like then, this remains an unusual move by the speaker. 

It is also a terrific pre-election opportunity for the prime minister who must hope this semi-welcome invitation will work better for him than his last semi-welcome visit to Paris.




Crying for you, Argentina.

I expect the death of Alberto Nisman to make news for months to come.  Nisman, a federal prosecutor, was discovered dead from a gunshot wound to his head, alone in his bathroom, hours before he was to present controversial findings before a Congressional Committee delving into the bombing of the Argentine Jewish Mutual Aid Society more than 20 years ago.  Eighty-five people were killed and hundreds more wounded in this attack.  Though Iran and Hezbollah were suspected of orchestrating this act of terrorism, no conviction followed.  Learn more in this must read from Natasha Zaretsky.

#YoSoyNismanVictim 86

If you are a fan of great television, Homeland is likely a show you watch.  I certainly do.  Homeland and In Treatment are perhaps the most successful – but certainly not the only – Israeli  shows on TV today.  The Forward’s Noah Smith writes about how Israel has become the Farm Team for Hollywood.

In the aftermath of Paris, Gary Rosenblatt asks if Jewish victims are less worthy of empathy?

And while on the subject of empathy, I wanted to share Delphine Horvilleur’s piece in Tablet,  “A Eulogy for Elsa Cayat, Who Laughed at Her Killers.”



Calendar:  Save the Date

Master storyteller Tom Dugan as Simon Wiesenthal

This article from The Jewish Week that connects Anne Frank’s story to Wiesenthal’s work reminded me to remind you of the upcoming performance of Nazi Hunter: Simon Wiesenthal at the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center on April 16, Yom HaShoah Remembrance Day.  The Jewish Federation is proud to partner with The Z in bringing this must-see historical drama – a one-man performance – to area audiences and students. 

In September, in a letter to teachers in the greater New Bedford community, Cindy Yoken and Maria Reed, chairs of the Holocaust Education and Memorial Committee wrote, “We all share a responsibility to educate our students on the history that illuminates these important lessons about injustice so our students are not bystanders to bullying and prejudice but instead become vocal advocates for respect and a more peaceful world.”

See this page from The Z's season catalog for more details.

Shabbat Shalom



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