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Subject:                          The Bulletin -- A Community Update for May 14, 2015

The Bulletin - A Community Update for May 14, 2015


Blood Drive – Sunday, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Sunday is our annual blood drive.  Please consider donating.

The American Red Cross assumed management of the event when the Southcoast blood bank closed earlier this year.

Registration is easy.  Go to and enter 02740 in the zip code box on the home page and follow the Federation link.


ONLY Six Weeks Left - Federation’s Annual Campaign 2014-15


With six weeks left until this campaign year ends on June 30, we are hoping to hear from the 51 donors who donated last year but have not yet made a pledge or donation.  Our 4th letter asking for their support went out this week and we are counting on them.  I want to thank those who have already responded.  It is thanks to you that we can continue to support the people and programs that we do.

Please note that while we ask for your pledge before June 30, payment can be made through December 31.

Thank you for your support!


Some of What I Read This Week


·         Jane Eisner has an interesting opinion piece about the changing American religious landscape.

·         The outspoken David Suissa takes issue with a Charedi mayor of an Israeli town who decided to cancel a planned bar mitzvah ceremony for four boys with autism because the ceremony would be taking place in a Conservative, rather than an Orthodox, synagogue.

·         Frank Sinatra, who died 17 years ago today, loved Israel.  He donated to causes in Israel and visited the state. Shalom Goldman tells the story of how much Israel loved him back.

Shabbat Shalom,


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