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The Bulletin - A Community Update for July 2, 2015




Happy 4th of July

For me, summer really starts with the 4th of July. This year it is on the weekend, so let us all enjoy a great weekend and a happy 4th.



While I was in Israel last week, I read the local papers which I mostly do online when I’m here, but reading the print edition somehow feels different. 

A few numbers stood out:

1.      This year the world’s Jewish population has for the first time reached a level that is higher than the pre-Holocaust years! Nothing says “never again” better.

2.      This year Israel has treated 1,600 injured people who were allowed to cross over from civil war-torn Syria into Israel for that reason.

3.      The number of Palestinian workers who make a living in Israel is at a high not known since before Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza. Palestinians make three times as much per day in Israel than they do in Gaza. The numbers shifted when Israel changed the regulations to allow married Palestinians over 22 years of age to apply for work permits. The age limit was 29 before. In an interesting twist, 22-29-year-olds marry younger to become eligible.

More Oren?


To be honest, I was hoping that the Michael Oren book and op-ed story would have ended last week as we have paid a lot of attention to it. And just as I thought it was going to happen, along comes my former colleague Jeffrey Goldberg (Goldblog) who writes something worthy about it. Jeff tends to do that often. So here we are with yet another installment on the issue.

In it, Goldberg asserts, “Oren has created a new role for himself: acid critic of the Obama administration and of left-leaning American Jews (especially in the press and in the White House) who, he believes, are trading on their Jewishness when they criticize Israel.”

As neither Obama nor Netanyahu have publicly weighed in on Mr. Oren’s opinions, perhaps Goldberg’s thoughts will indeed be epilogue.

Where in the World Is Ellen?

On Sunday, El Al launched its first-ever direct flight from Israel to Boston.  Ellen Hull, our president and intrepid traveler, was on the return flight to Israel.  For more on the ceremony, read here.  Want to join Ellen?  Book now!

Shabbat Shalom and a happy 4th,


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