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Subject:                          The Bulletin - A Community Update for July 18, 2014

The Bulletin - A Community Update for July 18, 2014


War in Israel - Day 11

I find it hard to decide what best to write or share this week.  Most of us watch the news and follow the events unfolding in Israel, so I will avoid repeating what is commonly known and offer instead my personal views.  I find it tough to live with the notion that those who protect their children with missiles are universally criticized while those who protect their missiles with children seem like they are victims.  I have a hard time talking to friends and family in Israel who – in addition to living with the sirens, shelters, and protected areas – have not been able to work a single day since the exchange of rockets began.  It is wonderful to see the support of American Jews through donations and the support of many leaders from Jewish Federations across America who traveled to Israel as soon as the first siren sounded.  We have all seen and marveled at the extraordinary rate of success of Iron Dome in protecting Israelis; one has to be proud that the project is supported by American funds.

I share everyone’s fervent wish that there is an end to this war and that it is near.  With several cease-fire opportunities already ignored by Hamas, I am not optimistic, though.  The possibility of a military operation on the ground seems likely, particularly as evidence and threats of infiltrations into Israel through tunnels become more and more frequent.  There is a large “second city” under Gaza and it may be the next military objective.

Like many of you, I have read anti-Israel articles in the media, including an opinion letter by Robert Souza printed in last Sunday’s edition of The Standard-Times. I have written to The Standard-Times in response and hope my letter will be featured as prominently this coming Sunday. 

Other Opinions

Former President Bill Clinton has an interesting and optimistic point of view and the always direct Dennis Prager has his “simple as that” opinion as well.


What We Can Do

We have just completed our annual campaign for 2013-14 and have yet to launch our 2014-15 campaign.  However, for anyone who feels the need to support Israel directly at this time, I encourage you to send a donation to the Federation and indicate that the funds be directed to the Israel Emergency Campaign.


Cooking in Common

Separated by more than 5,400 miles, seven hours and language, two groups of women came together to share what they had in common:  food and faith.  On Thursday, July 10, Ruth Ades, Marsha Onufrak, Cindy Yoken and I participated in a cooking lesson with women from the Afula-Gilboa region of Israel.  Communicating via Skype, the Federation team led in the preparation of cheese blintzes with cherry sauce in Marsha’s kitchen.  Cooking at a local community center, the SNEC-sponsored team in Israel offered instruction in the making of cheese muffins and carrot salad.  Both teams declared the international project a success!


If you would like to participate in a future cooking lesson and/or are willing to host, please contact the Federation at  Groups of three to four people are ideal.  This is a fun and fulfilling way to support our mission of strengthening ties between our community and Israel.  Culinary school degrees and toques are not required; enthusiasm and an appetite for bonding through food are!

Michelle Poirier

For Your Calendar

July 22, Tuesday, 7:30 PM, Falmouth Jewish Congregation, 7 Hatchville Road, Falmouth


“Riveting. A must-see film. In a sophisticated way, it does a better job of communicating the power and destructiveness of anti-Semitism than almost any other film.” – Abe Foxman, National Director, Anti-Defamation League, The Huffington Post.  Gripping drama of a Polish village unhinged when secrets about WWII are unearthed.  ($10.00/ticket)

July 29, Tuesday, 7:30 PM, Falmouth Jewish Congregation, 7 Hatchville Road, Falmouth

Dancing in Jaffa

“Mad, Hot Ballroom with a Middle Eastern Twist” – The Jerusalem Post. World ballroom dancing champion Pierre Dulaine fulfills a life-long dream when he takes his program, Dancing Classrooms, back to his city of birth, Jaffa, and teaches Jewish and Palestinian Israeli children to dance together. 


August 3, Sunday, 1:30 PM, Temple Beth El, 385 High Street, Fall River

Out of the Whirlwind:  Jewish Songs of Lament, Protest, and Resistance:  1933 – 1947

Lecture and recital by Brian Nedvin 

(Free and open to the public.)

August 5, Tuesday, 7:30 PM, Falmouth Jewish Congregation, 7 Hatchville Road, Falmouth


“One of the finest European films in recent memory,” A.O. Scott, The New York Times.  A moving and intimate drama about a young novitiate nun in 1960s Poland who, on the verge of taking her vows, makes a shocking discovery about her past.


August 13, Wednesday, 7:00 PM, Tifereth Israel small social hall

National Council of Jewish Women, New Bedford Chapter, Scholarship Awards Night

Please RSVP to Saralee Salk at 508-992-8245.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Yasher koach to Judy Barry, David Lima and his grandchildren, Ken Lipman, Marty Lipman and Cindy Yoken for volunteering to water the newly planted shrubs and trees at the Holocaust Monument from now until the end of October.  Thank you, too, to Pam Cole, Ellen Hull, Maria LaTour, Claire Levovsky and Marsha Onufrak who also volunteered for watering duty earlier in the summer. 

Shabbat Shalom,


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