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Subject:                          The Bulletin -- A Community Update for April 7, 2016

The Bulletin - A Community Update for April 7, 2016

With Passover TWO Weeks Away, It's Food Drive Time

One of the many important things we do at the Federation is support those who struggle to shop and prepare for Passover. Maot Chittim, the gwheat fund,h provided the poor with the wheat to bake matzoh in ancient times. Today the spirit of Maot Chittim lives on in our community through your support and contributions to the Passover relief fund.

Some of you have already sent a contribution. Thank you. Those who have not are welcome to do so at Last year we provided more meals than the year before and we are likely to do so again this year. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful and generous gift.

Israel Week in May

This year Israel Independence Day (Yom HaAtzmaut) falls on May 12.

We will be celebrating with two separate events that week!

On Monday, May 9, two Israeli che's from Afula-Gilboa - our Partnership2Gether area in Israel – will cook for and with us at a dinner event that will take place at Tifereth Israel.

Later that week on Thursday, May 12, we (again) partner with the Whaling Museum to present the delicious movie In Search of Israeli Cuisine (trailer). May 12 is also an AHA! night in New Bedford which I am sure will do no harm to the success of our event.

More details about both events will be in next week's Bulletin, but for the moment mark your calendars.

No Joke – Bernie's Take on Israel

On April 1, a day when many play practical jokes on unsuspecting friends and family, Bernie Sanders sat down for an interview with the editorial board of the New York Daily News. His comments on Israel were met with anything but humor by the Jewish press both here and there.  In the Jewish Journal a summary of Bernie's comments was followed by some questions for the candidate. An Israeli take on Bernie's comments is even more condemning.

Israel and the Jews who support Israel are definitely not feeling the Bern.

gA Grave Breach of IDF Valuesh or Not?

Asa Kasher, who wrote the IDF code of ethics, shares his take on the Hebron shooting. gIt is ethically, morally and legally wrong to kill a person if it is not a necessary step of self-defense,h he writes. gThe military investigation found that before the soldier shot the terrorist, he said that the terrorist had injured an IDF comrade and therefore ought to be killed. Such reasoning is utterly wrong, whether it is meant to justify retaliation, punishment, deterrence or what have you.h

Mr. Kasher may not be alone in his condemnation, but as you will read in this article in The Economist he is in the minority (as far as Israelis go). The soldier, who remains unnamed, faces manslaughter charges. Rob Eshman of the LA Jewish Journal is perhaps the most outspoken critic of Israel in American Jewish media. His column this week, which I read with that slant in mind, is also about the killing and its impact on gthe erosion of democracyh in Israel.

Unlike Eshman who seems to almost revel in Israel critique, the Forward's J.J Goldberg does not (full disclosure I consider both of them friends-and this is how I feel about reading them usually). He has on many occasions been critical of events and decisions, but I often feel it pains him. I have in the past found the Forward's headlines lacking once I read the articles that followed.  Goldberg's piece this week seems like it deserves a better one. It requires careful reading, is full of excellent and accurate points, but may leave you (as it did me) wondering if the analogy to the Republican party was accurate, not to mention necessary.

Thinking Out Loud

As I continue to think ahead to Yom HaShoah (donft forget, our community event is on May 1, details below) I found a great story from a hot summer day in 1951. Some have already cried reading it. Will you?

As Federation members and readers of this Bulletin know, our community is connected through a partnership with the Afula-Gilboa region in Israel. Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman's story from eJewishPhilanthropy is a great way to further expand on the nature and value of Partnership2Gether.

With Searching for Israeli Cuisine on my mind (join us May 12 at the Whaling Museum for the New Bedford premier), I canft stop thinking about how important lemons are to almost every dish I can imagine. Liza Schoenfein who writes for the Forward has a great interview with a Joseph Gitler, founder of Leket Israel, the country's largest food bank.

Annual Blood Drive

The Federation is hosting an American Red Cross community blood drive at Tifereth Israel Synagogue on Tuesday, May 24, 1:00 – 6:00 PM.  Please call 1-800-RED-CROSS (733-2767) or visit  for an appointment.

Note: The St. Luke's Hospital blood bank closed last year.  The American Red Cross now provides the hospital's blood supply.  As a result, blood collected at the blood drive is no longer credited to Federation members as it was in years past.

Scholarship Applications Now Available

Membersf children and grandchildren are encouraged to apply for scholarships from the Jewish Federation of Greater New Bedford and the New Bedford section of the National Council of Jewish Women. If interested, please write to or call 508-997-7471. 

Calendar: Save the Date

  Judith Klein Exhibits at Cherry & Webb

  David in Art, with speaker Dr. Memory Holloway, art history department

UMass Dartmouth, Liberal Arts, Room 110

·         Thursday, April 28, 2:00 PM

  Annual Yom HaShoah Observance, dedicated to the memory of Mary Schwartz

Speaker John Saunders, survivor of Mauthausen Concentration Camp

Sunday, May 1

6:30 PM Holocaust Memorial, Buttonwood Park

7:00 PM Tifereth Israel Congregation

Shabbat Shalom,


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