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It would be premature to advise you to put away the patio furniture and store the swimsuits, but summer will inevitably come to an end.

While the days are still hot and  the mood light, be inspired by these end of summer party recipes
and plan a gathering of your own to celebrate the season. And for your efforts, reward yourself with a mango mojito because, why not.
Sounds of Summer

When you think of The Beach Boys, you cannot help but think sun, surf and cars -- summer realized in musical form. With Pet Sounds, pop masterpiece and commercial flop, The Beach Boys went for a different sound with brooding, intensely romantic ballads like God Only Knows. Though the young Brian Wilson gets most of the credit for this album, it turns out he had some behind-the-scenes help from a little-known British-American Jew named Tony Asher. In Asher's words, "The general tenor of the lyrics was often [Brian's], however the actual choice of words was usually mine. I was really just his interpreter."

Read Beach Boys' Pet Sounds: 15 Things You Didn't Know if you're a fan or want to be.
Come Sail Away

Heidi Smith Hyde, Newton resident and children's book author, read an article about the history of Jewish settlement in New Bedford and other ports on the southern New England coast and was inspired. She was surprised to learn, after conducting more research at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, that as far back as the mid-18th century, a small number of Jewish immigrants from Portugal worked in the burgeoning whaling industry. At the time, some hid their Jewish customs and traditions, fearful of the religious persecution they had fled from across the ocean. Learn more about her book Emanuel and the Hanukkah Rescue


September 25
Campaign launch!

The documentary On the Map will take place in September with exact details to follow.


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