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In an Olympics State of Mind

So much for peace, love and understanding. Though the Olympics are billed as a venue to promote kumbaya, that hasn't always been Israel's experience. Again this year, anti-Israel sentiment has been a part of the Games as detailed in this Washington Post article.

In positive news, more than four decades after they were held hostage and then murdered, the 11 victims of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre will be officially commemorated in Rio at the Place of Mourning. The Olympic Village memorial site honors the memory of the Israelis as well as four other people who were killed during Olympic Games. 

And in sporting news . . . Israel's Yarden Gerbi won a bronze medal in judo. She is the first Israeli medalist since the 2008 games to do so and the second female winner in history. While Massachusett's own Aly Raisman helped power the US women's gymnastics team to Olympic gold. Girl power.

Gaza Aid Gone Bad

The Palestinian manager of the Gaza branch of World Vision, a major Christian aid organization, was charged by Israeli prosecutors with infiltrating the charity on behalf of Hamas and funneling about $43 million in the group's funds over the past six years to the military wing of the Islamist militant group. Mohamed El Halabi had made a name for himself in the humanitarian aid world, appearing to have dedicated his life to helping children after seeing the devastating impact of conflict.

World Vision is investigating the claims internally, but publicly states that the numbers don't support the scope of the alleged theft. Regardless, the case has had a negative impact on World Vision, with both Australia and Germany suspending funding to the organization.

From Herzl to Here 

In his most recent blog, J.J. Goldberg goes there and asks the question, How Did Zionism Become a Dirty Word? He is writing in response to last week's tweet from Jeffrey Goldberg about leaving Ha'aretz behind after reading an article in that publication titled  "Why We left Zionism Behind."

Goldberg argues that the authors of that particular piece aren't the real issue: "They're just the latest in a growing army of scholars and intellectuals who've decided that Israel is a malign force in the world, that Zionism is just another instance of Western colonialism and racism. Academic associations, student governments, Christian church bodies, British trade unions, European financial institutions - one after another they're being challenged to attack Israel in the name of Palestinian justice." 

Goldberg's thoughtful handling of the topic -- showing how sentiment has evolved to this point and how fundamental change would ameliorate the brewing ill will toward Israel -- is worth the read.
The Jewish Bacon Critic

Scott Gold is a food writer from New Orleans who happens to be Jewish. He also happens to be the current (and first) bacon specialist selected by Extra Crispy -- a Time Inc. site devoted to breakfast and brunch culture. Gold has previously written about how the Crescent City's cuisine helped turn him into a kosher heretic - or in his words, "bacon-cheeseburger-eating-Jew."

In November, after three months of diligent taste testing, he'll crown the Best Bacon in the United States. Until then, you can read about his piggish adventures in treyf at Extra Crispy.


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