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1.As of May 14
I like May 14 th , always have. While Israelis celebrate independence based on the Jewish calendar, in 1948 the fifth day of Iyar fell on May 14 th . It was also the date 30 years ago when I woke up in New York City for the first day of what was going to be a 30-day vacation. Plans change.

On this May 14 th  I also finished a little hand-written card writing project to many of you who read the Bulletin . I wanted to check in with those of you who participated as members of our community this (or last) year. I thought that during these unusual times of quarantine, isolation and fear I needed to say hello. wish you well and ask that you stay safe.

If you are reading this and are not a participating member, if you are far away or a member of another community, the message is of course the same. (I could only write to those for whom I had home addresses.) Thank you for reading this Bulletin and for sharing feedback. It's always appreciated.Please stay safe on this May 14 th  and every day after.
2.Thank You for the Festivus, Jerry
Jerry Stiller, a comedian with enduring appeal, died at 92 years of age earlier this week. This  New York Times  obit   walks us through a life well lived.

Younger fans, of course, remember him best as Frank Costanza, father of George, on  Seinfeld . While Stiller did not make his first appearance until the fifth season he sure made the ones he was on count.  "I n Jerry Stiller, the Rage of Jewish Fathers Found a Hilarious Outlet "  is worth a read.

Andrew Silow-Carroll wrote  this nostalgic blog piece  in 2015 when Anne Meara, wife of Jerry Stiller, died. It's a touching tribute to the model interfaith couple and their comedy.

And if all that is not enough  The Forward  brings the comedic icon to life for us:
3.Tutti Frutti Forever
"A lil' Jewish boy, black bottom, from Georgia"? This ranks right up there with Little Richard's other great quotes: "Elvis may be the King of Rock and Roll, but I am the Queen." And "I am the innovator. I am the originator. I am the emancipator. I am the architect of rock 'n' roll!"  

The man certainly had a way with words and music Did you know that  he was fascinated with Judaism? That gets him a spot in today's Bulletin.

This  NPR  obituary  documents his life and shares notes of admiration from the many artists Little Richard inspired and influenced.  Variety  shares  Little Richard's 10 greatest songs -and some iconic covers .
4.Zahav Is Golden
Hoping to improve your culinary skills while spending more time at home? Try this online Jewish food festival. Mike Solomonov, Joan Nathan and Michael Twitty are coming together to participate in the inaugural  Great Big Jewish Food Fest   from May 19 to 28 The festival is free for participants and consists of workshops, happy hours and Shabbat dinners led by other well-known Jewish chefs and food writers. 

Let’s warm up with a great talk with Solomonov and Steven Cook below as they cook and share personal stories in support of  Israeli Soul: Easy, Essential, Delicious , the follow-up to their best selling cookbook,  Zahav .
5.When Hearts Meet
This "Beshert" piece from  Moment Magazine  is a little different from the others. It's not about romance or when Harry met Sally, it's just about love. Intrigued?  Check it out.
6.An Irreverent Take
Lag b'Omer came and went. While I had held out hope that the current plague would follow Talmudic tradition and end, this was not to be. At least the observant Jews who do not cut their hair during Omer had an easy time of it this year No salons or barber shops open, no cuts or trims.

This JTA writer speculated ahead of the day about "What will happen under social distancing?"
7.College Scholarships Available - Apply Now
If you are a member of the Federation, please encourage your college student (child or grandchild) to apply for a Federation scholarship. It's easy. Email and we'll send you an application. Your Federation supports education!
Shabbat Shalom,


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