By now I am sure a lot of your work and communication methods have changed as the online world becomes a larger part of our lives with each passing day.Your Federation is thinking of you during this challenging time and is proud to offer programming that will bring us together, if only virtually.

The Southern New England Consortium (SNEC) - where we partner with 11 other Federations - quickly developed new programs for you to participate in starting tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.
In collaboration with our Partnership2Gether team in Afula–Gilboa, we will be offering four programs each day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. For our first week having 12 overall doesn’t sound too bad, now does it?

Please check this exciting menu and join me. (I have signed up for seven of the 12, in case you are wondering).
  • Dog owners? We have a program for you.
  • Do you like to sing? We have two singing programs for you.
  • Zumba fans? We got you.
  • My good friend Naveh has an archeology session tomorrow at 3:00PM. I have driven through parts of Israel with Naveh and I’m sure he’ll be as interesting tomorrow as he has been in the past. I’m going to be there for sure.
  • We will of course cook. Those of you who joined us for any of our Israeli food programs in the past will tell you not to miss this one.
  • On Thursday afternoon I signed up for dancing (join me?). Orly, who teaches that class, also has a class on Wednesday morning that sounds perfect for those who practice at TI on Tuesday mornings. I see you there often working with the chairs. This class will be fun for you – and everyone – I’m sure.

Following is a full menu in both PDF form and also chronologically listed.
Programs are delivered via Zoom (video conferencing in real time for online get-togethers!)

You need to sign up using the Google form linked here . Please check all events you plan to attend. You are welcome to participate in as many as you want.

This is the link for the time when you signed up to go online to take the class:

I look forward to seeing you there. Let’s have a stellar New Bedford showing.