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Of all the images I’ve seen from yesterday two of them stand out (see below) because they were together in the same crowd of domestic terrorists and, frankly, outright idiots. Another shocking thing for me was that I was not at all surprised (though stunned) at how easy it was for this militia to enter our nation’s most significant hall of democracy. Stupid as they were, they documented their actions and will now surely spend years behind bars as they should. It would be easy to focus on the messages such as "Jewish and Israel-related groups 'appalled' by invasion of US Capitol" or "Orthodox Jewish Trump supporters decry violence but not the movement that fueled the mob." I will not.

There was not even one minute since November when I doubted the transition of power. Not even a second yesterday when I doubted the outcome, even if it leaves us with horrible scars that may take a generation to heal - and here is why: Earlier that day voters in Georgia made their voices heard, and even before the violence started, sent a strong message denouncing the leadership of the past four years. The same voice that encouraged this mob also helped the opposition gain parity (and de facto majority) in the Senate which ironically was under siege at the same time.

Another significant outcome was that for the first time in four years some signs of unity emerged from Congress with perhaps the most profound coming from Kelly Loeffler, the defeated senator from Georgia who came in ready to object and changed her mind. This was (to me and in outcome only) a little like the biblical story of Balak and Bilam - the curse turned into a blessing. And I will leave those who are more scholarly than I to figure out who the donkey in the story is.

I remain confident, optimistic and fully focused on the positive signs and thought I’d share this with you. And, since I’m far from naïve and try to always be prepared, how about this guide to the extremists and hate groups that invaded the Capitol from the Forward.
2.50 at 33
When the early news from Georgia broke on Wednesday, Raphael Warnock had won one of the two vacant Senate seats for the State of Georgia. It was up to the final race between Republican David Purdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff to decide the balance of power. I have written about Ossoff in past Bulletins. The 33-year-old is not only Jewish but is married to Alisha Kramer - you guessed it - a Jewish doctor. They met in high school and were together for a dozen years before getting married. Both regularly kvell about one another on social media. Dr. Kramer was working in the hospital on election night. Here's "Everything you need to know about Jewish Democratic senator Jon Ossoff" from The Jerusalem Post. And I leave you with one last fun fact: In 1973 Joe Biden, elected in Delaware, was just over 30 years old. At 33, Ossoff is the youngest senator since and the only one too young to become president. 
3.Cook With Chef Einat at our January 19th Program
For the past few weeks I have written about our four-night program featuring four celebrity chefs. (See more details in the calendar below.) Einat Admony, an Israeli-born chef, restaurant owner (I’ve eaten at her NYC establishments and recommend them), cookbook author and comedian opens our series on January 19th. One has to have a sense of humor to stomach the rigors of the kitchen and she does. (Read about her call to comedy here.)

Modern Israeli cuisine is Admony's thing. She grew up with Yemenite and Persian food, in addition to Moroccan dishes introduced by their neighbors, and even Eastern European classics. Read "The 10 Dishes That Made my Career: Einat Admony" for more on her food.

“I started cooking at a young age, helping my mother with Shabbat dinner,” Admony recalls. ”I have always found myself cooking from [the time I was] a young girl and then as a cook in the Israeli army, and after, when I was traveling around the world.”
Join us on the 19th at 7:00 PM to cook with Einat. Since we need to register each participant, please confirm your registration by emailing A list of ingredients will be sent to you before the event. If you want to register for any or all nights simply indicate that in your email.
4.In the Mood
Ahead of our chef series, I thought I would share some recipes using similar ingredients. Never hurts to practice or, in some cases, to familiarize yourself with new flavors and techniques. Bon appetit!

So, what exactly is ja'ala? It's a roasted nut and seed mix with Yemenite origins used as a snack or salad topping. Here's a salad that is delicious topped with ja'ala: Potato Salad with Creamy Green Sauce and Tuna Fillets.

Stock up on ras el hanout (a Moroccan spice blend) in preparation for making the best Moroccan fish recipe.

For dessert, here is Chef Adeena Sussman's actual recipe for Chewy Tahini Blondies.
Before Mark Spitz there was Agnes with 10 medals in three Olympiads. Agnes Keleti is the most decorated Jewish athlete. This weekend she turns 100. She celebrated 99 with a full split in Barcelona and I can’t wait to learn about her plans for this one. A citizen of Hungary and Israel, she now lives in Budapest where the quarantine is almost as restrictive as the one Israel is under. Stay safe, Agnes, and happy birthday. For more about this extraordinary woman here’s Jewish Women’s Archive item.
For Your Calendar

Chef Tuesdays @ 7:00 PM – Save the Dates
For Zoom link, write to
Menus are in for our 4-night chef-led cooking program, a heritage cooking program via Zoom.

January 19: Chef Einat Admony of Balaboosta and Shuk - Moroccan Spiced Fish, Yemenite Salad with Fenugreek-Yoghurt Dressing, and Ja’ala
January 26: Chef Lior Lev Sercarz of The Spice Companion and Mastering Spice and The Art of Blending: Stories and Recipes from La Boîte's Spice Journey
Freekah and Feta Salad; Charred Eggplant and Labneh Parfait
February 2: Sababa’s Chef Adeena Sussman (introduction by Michael Solomonov)
My Mother’s Irresistible Apple Kuchen; Chewy Tahini Blondies
February 9: Chef Danielle Renov of Peas, Love, and Carrots fame.
Meat-Stuffed Artichokes; Sumac-Scented Fennel and Tangerine Salad
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