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1.Jews at the Cathedral
Speaking about Eli Wiesel, the Rev. Randu Hollerith, dean of the National Cathedral, said he may not be the first Jew to be honored with a bust - only the first one in the 20th century.
"Asked if he was referring to Jesus and some of the apostles, who also make appearances in statues and in busts in the Washington landmark, Hollerith said yes."
Now that’s some distinguished company if you ask me.
For more on this here’s Times of Israel’s piece: "Washington’s National Cathedral is honoring Elie Wiesel
2.Comedienne in Dartmouth?
Davoll's General Store is under new ownership. The Dartmouth landmark has been purchased by Ben and Will Shattuck, who grew up in the neighborhood. They plan a cafe-style gathering spot locals are delighted about. Will stars align in our backyard soon? Perhaps. Ben is engaged to Jenny Slate (a tribe member) and the two are parents to baby Ida. Please send in any sighting for future Bulletins.
3.Oy, Oscar
I did not watch the Oscars. I did not see the movies. In fact, I have not been to a movie theater in more than a year. Is it me or did you find the whole idea underwhelming this year?

But since it is the Oscars here’s JTA’s "Oscars 2021: Jewish nominees (nearly) strike out."
4.Almost Everyone Has an Alber Story
Well, maybe you and I don't, but the celebrities and fashionistas went out of their way to pay homage to the Moroccan-born, Israeli designer after learning he had died of COVID-19 earlier this week. The New York Times remembers fashion's kindest designer.

"He didn’t have much time for cynicism. He did have time for loyalty. Perhaps that is why, during the periods he was out of fashion work — the years between Saint Laurent and Lanvin, and between Lanvin and his new gig, AZ Factory — he was never really out of fashion."

His dresses, Meryl Streep said, "are the only ones that when I wear them, I feel like myself, or even a better version of her. On the important occasions when it becomes necessary for me to be ‘Meryl Streep,’ that outsize, overpraised monument to the changing status of women in the cinema and the world, that’s when I need Alber the most. He is undaunted by all of it: my insecurities, my weight — which is 150! — my height and my age. He just makes me feel lovely.”
5.Pop-Up Synagogue
"Swiss studio Manuel Herz Architects has created a pop-up synagogue at Babyn Yar in Ukraine to mark the 80th anniversary of a massacre that took place during the Holocaust.

"Named the Babyn Yar Synagogue, the place of worship consists of two large walls that can be manually opened and closed like a pop-up book."

Not sure I will make it to the Ukraine any time soon, but this element of beauty is a great memorial to what was once ugliness.
6.Peter Piper Picked This One
Leave it to Asian-Jewish food blogger Molly Yeh, to fuse flavors. With Shawarma Stuffed Peppers, she spins your mom's recipe in an Israeli direction. I think it's worth a go. I mean, anything with tahini has to be good. Wouldn't you agree?

As long as we're in the stuffed pepper zone, I thought I'd share with you more recipes from around the world in "The History of the Stuffed Pepper."
7.Scholarship Applications
If your child or grandchild will be enrolled in college or graduate school this fall (please and thank you, in person), now is the time to apply for a scholarship from the Jewish Federation of Greater New Bedford. Simply send your request for an application to, and we'll send you a printable attachment to fill out and return.
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