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Coming to America - Not the Movie

I arrived in Israel yesterday for a few days and will visit our partnership region Afula-Gilboa on Sunday. More on that next week in what I hope will be a sunny and delightful report with a dash of election spice.
I woke up this morning to see a report that New York's hate crime unit is investigating a vile defacing of a poster promoting a book by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. "Die you Jew B%%%" was written over her face with a swastika over her mouth. In Newport Beach, CA - where Anne Frank's stepsister Eva Schloss spoke to high schoolers on anti-Semitism after their own moment of vile swastika use was caught on camera - more Nazi propaganda was distributed to students according to local police.
Such was my morning that I decided to again reference Deborah Lipstadt's January 27th blog post from The Times of Israel. I then read in Tablet Magazine about the warning signs for the Democratic Party in the response to Ilhan Omar and how Corbynism (sigh) is coming to America. This is not a re make of the Eddie Murphy comedy, I promise you that.

Passover Appeal

In the coming days you will receive the annual Passover appeal. I hope that you will respond generously, helping the Federation provide kosher-for-Passover food to local community members in need. The families and individuals we assist are always deeply appreciative. Thank you in advance for your support.
Take the Hamantaschen Challenge

First there was the Ice Bucket Challenge. Followed by the Taco Beer Challenge (I kid you not). Now there is our very own Hamantaschen Challenge. What organization will benefit? Your friends and family, of course! And the readers of this Bulletin if you participate. 

Next week we publish on Purim, a festive Jewish holiday if ever there was one. We want photos of your mishloach manot to share with our readers and your community. Be sure to look for pictures of our office hamantaschen too (expect the unexpected).

SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS TO office@jewishnewbedford.org BY 9:00 AM THURSDAY, MARCH 21, TO BE INCLUDED.

In the meantime, there is this: 9 Things You Didn't Know About Purim.
The Man Before the Prize

The life and legacy of Joseph Pulitzer is a timely chapter in history to revisit in our current era of "fake news." Enter Jospeh Pulitzer: Voice of the People. The film serves as a biography of Pulitzer's remarkable life, including his ascent from Jewish immigrant to one of the most successful journalists in America, his health struggles, his intense rivalry with fellow publisher William Randolph Hearst and the centrality of journalism to the workings of a democratic society.   
In this New York Jewish Week interview of the documentary's filmmaker Oren Rudavsky, we learn how he came to work on his latest project. The film, produced for PBS' American Masters series, was screened at the recent N.Y. Jewish Film Festival. You can see it locally.   
WBUR (Boston) is hosting a free screening of the film on Friday, March 22, at 7:30 PM. Lisa Mullins, host All Things Considered will moderate a post-film discussion with director and Guggenheim Fellow Oren Rudavsky, co-writer Robert Seidman and Christopher B. Daly, Professor of Journalism at Boston University. For tickets and more information click here.  

Joseph Pulitzer trailer

An Israeli Podcast, An Israeli Insight 

 Israel Story, or Sipur Israeli, is a radio initiative that brings high quality, long-form non-fiction content to, and about, Israel.

Dr. Mishy Harman is the co-founder and host of the show. Following his military service, he studied history at Harvard, archeology at Cambridge and wrote his PhD - a biography of the first Protestant missionary in Ethiopia - at the Hebrew University. He lives in Jerusalem, with his wife Federica and their two dogs, Nomi and Golda.

Here's what he has to say about the podcast:
"Israelis, we all know, are a nation of storytellers. So in many ways our task was an easy one - to shine a spotlight on the little (and big!) dramas that comprise Israeli life. Our primary goal is to tell the story of a different, diverse Israel: To amplify voices that are rarely heard on the mainstream media, to showcase and celebrate the plurality of local communities and traditions. By bringing you multi-faceted narratives on thought-provoking themes, Israel Story aims to become a refreshing alternative. We don't want to talk about Bibi, Lapid or Bennett. We're kind of tired about hearing about the threat of the Iranian bomb or the Security Council resolutions. Instead, we hope to present a cross-section of 'Israeliness,' entering communities that are typically sidelined and silenced, and to tell stories that are not aired anywhere else: These are the stories you'd tell a friend over a plate of hummus on a Friday afternoon, the stories you'd share with your partner at the end of the day - Everyday stories, told by, and about, regular Israelis."
Check it out. Tune in. Let me know what you think.
March 14- 17 and 21- 24, 7:30 PM (2:30 PM Sunday matinees)
Your Theatre, Inc. Playhouse, 136 Rivet St., New Bedford (St. Martin's Episcopal Church)
Tickets are $18 general admission and $15 for senior citizens, students, and military personnel.
For further information call Your Theatre, Inc. at 508-993-0772 or send an email to info@yourtheatre.org
Thursday, April 4, 4:00 PM
Speaker Carolyn Enger, concert pianist and director of the multimedia program Mischlinge Exposé 
Jackson Art Center, H-209/210, Bristol Community College
Friday, April 12, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Conference on Women and the Holocaust featuring keynote speaker Sheri Sandler, managing director of Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, Rwanda and workshop leader of Echoes and Reflection, a resource center for the teaching of the Holocaust
Jackson Art Center, Bristol Community College 

Shabbat Shalom,


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