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L-R: Manya Bark, Marty Lipman & Leah Sills
1. Leadership Every Day & Once a Year

On Monday the Federation held its annual meeting. We thanked Marty Lipman for his service as Federation president and welcomed Manya Bark as she begins a two-year term as the incoming president. Marty and Manya began the meeting with a recap of the extraordinary deeds of Aristedes de Sousa Mendes and our Federation's longterm commitment to his legacy. Our Federation presented a check to the Sousa Mendes Foundation in support of their work.  
Next on the meeting's agenda was Nathan Orie, a teacher at Old Rochester Regional Junior High School, who came to share with us the amazing trip he and 50 students and parents from the school had in Europe visiting Auschwitz, Anne Frank's house, the Warsaw ghetto, and many other locations related to the school's Holocaust education program. The presentation included a student account. Several students and their parents attended the meeting. A framed picture of the 50 participants in Warsaw (below) was given to the Federation in appreciation for our ongoing support of the program.

L-R: Me and Sheldon Friedland
2. Leadership - Ongoing

Jewish communities have them. Leaders, that is. They are there, supportive and generous. They tell you about their kids and spouses, and about what the community once was and the people who lived in this building or worked at that office were like, always with the utmost humility. This year the Ziskind Memorial Lecture featured the excellent Francine Klagsbrun who entertained and educated us on Israel's legendary Prime Minister Golda Meir.  
I was thinking about how fortunate our community is to have such leadership while I attended the lecture. Thank you, Sheldon Friedland, for your leadership, for your ongoing support of the Jewish Federation, for your continued support of this lecture series at Tifereth Israel Congregation, and for taking this picture with me.
3. There Must Be Dairy

Shavuot commemorates the spring harvest and the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai and cheesecake. There, I said it. While no one can say for sure why we associate dairy products with this holiday, no one complains about it either.

For the foodies out there (you know who you are), I offer recipes and inspiration:

4. Vacay Behind Bars?

Michael Cohen is one of the most popular guys in prison. And why wouldn't he be when he is a stand-up fella who would take a bullet for you? His three-year stint in federal prison seems to be off to a good start with reports that Cohen's fellow prisoners are flocking to him.

People ask for legal advice and gossip in equal measure. "He's hanging around with the Jewish crowd. There's been no drama with him." Otisville Correctional Facility,  about a two-hour drive from New York City, is often sought out by Jewish inmates because of its religious amenities - a full-time rabbi chaplain, kosher kitchen and weekly Shabbat services.

Who said doing time was hard?
5. iFarming

In one of the many trips I made to the Afula-Gliboa region, our partnership area in Israel, I was fortunate to attend a presentation by the Afula-based SupPlant, a leader in GBI (growth based irrigation).  
What this four-year-old startup is doing is "feeding" each plant what it specifically needs to optimize growth and save on water. "We are no longer in Kansas," said Dorothy to the backyard sprinkler system.
Ahead of the Agro-Mashov conference in Tel Aviv next week, J. Post featured SupPlant in THIS feature.
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