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1. Rookie Mistake #309 or Simple Ignorance

I love the youth and energy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about as much as I do when that quality comes from a first-round draft pick playing against my team. You appreciate the energy, but it is the outcome that is the concern. That is exactly the case of comparing immigrant detention facilities on the border to concentration camps. I too feel the issues at our border are dire and need immediate attention. But I think like almost anything AOC touches, what she says does more harm than good.  
Chuck Todd is spot-on here on MSNBC - the same Todd who was accused of treating her with kid gloves on the specifics of the Green New Deal. And if this is Todd's position, I can't even begin to think what a more conservative point of view might be. Perhaps you'll get a flavor of that in Jonathan Tobin's JTS piece.

2. Do They Ever Learn?

Several times in Forrest Gump the main character character says, "Stupid is as stupid does." When  actor John Cusack tweeted and then apologized for an anti-Semitic image, one is left to wonder. So pardon me for going Hollywood here. Do I think Cusack is an anti-Semite? Not really. But he is representative of a trend of carelessness (I'm being kind) that makes it easy for displays of such ignorance to regularly appear in daily life among celebrities and politicians (see above). From there it is an easy shortcut to every walk of life. And like before (here today) I point this out to you and hope that if you do come face to face with similar things, you will point them out as well. Education never stops and we are the people of the book. 

3. Summer Breeze Books Not Necessarily

When I read this in Moment I didn't feel the need to rush to the bookstore. Nevertheless we all read and summer may actually start soon and some of us may desire to be educated Jews even if some (like me) read more about The Beatles (for example). I do like what Moment does here, asking rabbis, scholars, educators, writers and artists to suggest  five books you should read to be an educated Jew. Happy reading and please write in with YOUR suggestions.
4. Coming to a Museum Near You

The MFA paid nearly $700K for two pairs of rare Torah ornaments. The 17th-century German silver set sold for $500,000 and is considered among the earliest surviving examples of the ritual Torah ornaments. The second set is an especially important addition to the Museum of Fine Arts. While the Museum has what is considered one of the strongest collections of English silver, this is the first piece of English Judaica. The two sets were were among the top sellers at Sotheby's Auction of Important Judaica held June 5 in New York.

Four more reasons to support art. Thank you, MFA and anonymous donor.
5. Great Balls of Goodness

Last week, a few hours after I sent you the Bulletin, I walked into Balaboosta, a new restaurant on Hudson Street in NYC. It is not really new - but a new location for the old one that lived on Lafayette, closed for a while and reopened in The West Village. It was excellent.
On Tuesday, Google doodle featured an animated falafel (claimed by several Middle Eastern cuisines as their own) to prove that the bored or inspired (or both) techies have a future. Who knew June is "peak chickpea growing season"? I sure didn't. Motivated by the doodle, Jewish Journal provided us with insight on the history and controversy around falafel. The scientists too weighed in with the endangered chickpea and falafel made from bugs. (I kid you not. Yuck.) And for those who find NYC a place too far for a dinner plan, perhaps try Simcha in Sharon, the booming Israeli restaurant that started as a falafel truck.

6. The White Stuff

Hummus, tahini, silan, pita. These are foods you commonly associate with Israel. I certainly do. But cheese curds - as in cottage cheese curds that your bubbe ate with canned fruit cocktail back in the day? Yes, it is a thing and since you didn't grow up (like me) in Israel here's the tale about why  Israelis are so obsessed with cottage cheese. 

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