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1.Have (Hanukkah) Socks,
Will Travel
Astronaut Jessica Meir celebrated the first night of Hanukkah in space. After she’d already been a part of the first ever all-female spacewalk, that was probably easy as pie (or Sufganiya).
2.Hanukkah 102
As we light the fifth candle tonight (we’re deep into Hanukkah) why not a little history lesson thrown in by the Forward?

"The Greeks Tried to Kill Us and Other Hanukkah Myths Debunked" begins: "As American Jews, we all grew up with the basic story: 'The Greeks came and tried to kill us. We won. Let’s eat!' That may work for kids, but once you hit maturity, it’s time to learn the real story . . ."
3.Hanukkah in the City
Perhaps my favorite thing about the Bulletin is hearing from you, our readers. What you like and what you don’t - but definitely prefer the former. This week, a reader who attended an event advertised in the calendar section wrote:

"By way of feedback ... Last night my husband and I attended the MFA's Chanukah celebration and it was an amazing night. I danced, sang, did amanut (arts + crafts), saw wonderful Judaica, got free vendor hand-outs, watched the large artsy Menorah be lit, and ate some delicious snacks.

"Furthermore, everyone who was there was offered a free one-year membership to MFA for their 150th anniversary and as a Chanukah gift.
Shalom, Rona Trachtenberg"
4.Hallmark to the Rescue
How easy? Very easy.

Procrastinator by nature? Just remembered long-lost cousin Debbie? here is your chance to send free Hanukkah e-cards now. Like, right now. We have three days left, but eighth night rules anyway, right?
5.Go West, Levi & Strauss Too
And you thought all Hanukkah all the the time? Not.

Here's a piece about the almost forgotten Jews who helped make the American West. There's some juicy gossip about Wyatt Earp in there and Levi Strauss too.

"So how did Jews from the shtetls of Europe end up becoming pioneers on the frontier? If there’s one man to thank for that, it was Jacob Schiff.
After the Civil War, a huge influx of Jews arrived at Ellis Island. They settled on the Lower East Side, started businesses and formed families. But Schiff was worried. If Jews spoke Yiddish all day and never encountered Americans, how could they integrate?

"So Schiff started an organization, the Jewish Industrial Removal Office. If you were a Jewish immigrant, and you were sick of living in crowded, filthy tenements, the office would resettle you with a Jewish family out west. Over 75,000 Jews would eventually take up the offer."
6.Knuckle Blood Ingredient #1
T here will be latkes. That is a given.

But what kind of latkes will there be? It's socially acceptable to steal others' ideas even when you do not credit them (I'm told). So riff away with "Fry That Oil: Latke Recipes 5 Different Ways"
Myself, I'm partial to the Best Brisket Ever version.
Tuesday, February 4, 5:00-6:30 PM
Lecture: "Jews in Brazil" by Shirley Nigri
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Shabbat Shalom and Happy Hanukkah,


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