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1.Sing, Sing Out Loud
You could get lost scrolling YouTube. I wouldn't stop you. But I am happy to offer you a time-saving alternative with Forward 's "One for Each Night: A Guide to Hanukkah A Capella Videos." There are some great ones there, like the Y-Studs with their timely video addressing anti-Semitism.

There is also some new material from Six13, the group that performed at my oldest son's bar mitzvah, for the Jewish-sci-fi nerds among us. (There are others, I hope.)
2.Keeping Up with the Kaufmans
Every family makes it their own. It wouldn't be a festival if we didn't. Before you start lighting the candles, I share with you some insight into how others handle Hanukkah gift giving as reported by Jewish Boston .

For instance: “When I was a kid, we always had book night, stickers—what I think of as the standard gifts. We also had what I called, ‘Sorry, kids, we’re not turning up the heat this year!’ night. Each year was something different: wool socks, down blanket, slippers, fleece robe, et cetera.”
3.The Chosen Food
"This will make your holiday all the happier," promises Joan Nathan. Who am I to doubt? I'm just here for the sufganiyot. Joan, preparing the December treat in her friend's seaside penthouse in Israel, assures us, "This will remind you of the miracle of oil for Hanukkah." Done and done.
4.Refusenik No More

The former Soviet dissident, turned Israeli politician and two-term Jewish Agency chief, will donate his $1 million prize while addressing the rise in anti-Semitism.
5.Top 19 Most-Read Stories of 2019
From Moment Magazine : "While the decade was long, 2019 felt  much  longer. Climate strikes, impeachment hearings and multiple elections in the U.S., UK, and Israel have dominated the ever-accelerating fast-paced news cycle so that other stories seemed drowned out by all the noise. Take a minute to look back at the articles that shaped 2019 for us and our readers."
6.Out of the Darkness
When Two Nice Jewish Boys sit down to talk I am inclined to listen. This Jewish Journal headline - "Episode 173: The Jewish Man Who Changed an Anti-Semite’s Mind On Twitter" - prompted me to check out their podcast. You should too. Whether you listen or watch, you'll be engrossed.

A snippet: " No one has ever been convinced by some super witty or well articulated Tweet or Facebook comment. Right? Well, usually. Something different happened when blogger David Abitbol (aka Jewlicious) started a thread on Twitter with Megan Phelps-Roper, a daughter to a notorious family that’s part of the Westboro Baptist Church, in Topeka, Kansas."
7.Scene from the Region: Build a Home in the Valley
Home in the Valley is a local Yizrael Valley social initiative by and for the region’s LGBTQ community. It is a safe and creative space where individuals can meet, think and act together. Shani Bar, the founder of Home in the Valley was the very first Young Emissary back in 1999. It was her service in Fairfield, Connecticut, that was the pilot for what is now a program involving hundreds of Young Emissaries in dozens of countries worldwide.

"The population of the LGBTQ community in the northern periphery of Israel is growing and has unique characteristics. There is not enough awareness and there is a lack of services adapted to the LGBTQ community and thanks to SNEC communities' support, we were able to create a leadership group and keep on doing our activity in Afula and the area." said Shani. Home in the Valley brings opportunities to educate for pluralism. As we approach Hanukkah we are proud to light many different colors in our menorah!

Our New Bedford community supports Home in the Valley through our partnership in SNEC (the Southern New England Consortium).

Tuesday, February 4, 5:00-6:30 PM
Lecture: "Jews in Brazil" by Shirley Nigri
UMass Dartmouth, Claire T. Carney Library
Shabbat Shalom and Happy Hanukkah,


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